Why Should You Invest In A Trade Show Stand?

Conventions are a fact of life for a business owner, but are they really worth the time and effort? After all, it can be quite a lot of trouble and expense to go to a convention, especially after factoring in the cost of the trade show stand. Does the return on investment really make that big of a difference?

Of course it does! Industry expos are a potential gold mine for new business. With marketing, advertising, and sales all combined in one unique environment, you can’t help but rake in the business. Still skeptical? Just check out the facts!

The Sales Prospects Are Unequaled

Just imagine: A convention hall filled with people who are in the market for your specific goods and services! The majority of these visitors have not been contacted by a sales representative in the past twelve months, so it’s a huge untapped market just waiting to be drawn on. Accounts landed at expos cost much less than those made by everyday sales techniques, making the return on investment that much larger. In addition to saving money, the team is also saving time, since about half of these deals won’t require a follow-up phone call to close the deal. Also, since the attendees are all there for the specific purpose of purchasing or learning more about your industry, closing deals at conventions is by far the easiest way to make a sale.

Clearly, conventions are where you need to be! Sales at these events require so much less time, money, and effort that the benefits are quite easy to see. However, they do require a bit of preparation and investment beforehand.

A Quality Trade Show Stand Gives You The Edge

Obviously, you can’t be a successful exhibitor at a convention without a trade show stand! There are many combinations and varieties available to suit any company’s needs. A trade show stand can be rented in order to save some money up front, but if a company is attending expos regularly, it’s worth the investment to design and purchase one. Having a custom-made booth ensures that your business will attract the attention of the attendees, leading to increased leads and closed accounts.

In addition to the trade show stand, there is a myriad of other expenses that must be budgeted for. Most conventions will require some travel, whether by road or by air, so those costs must be taken into account. The employees running the trade show stand will of course need to be paid, and working long-distance expos will also require food and lodging for the staff. This might seem like a lot, but when these costs are compared to the resulting income, you’ll see that the investment is definitely worth it.

When a business is trying to increase sales numbers, the obvious solution is to start attending expos. The opportunities at a convention just can’t be equaled by any other method. Since everyone at the show is already primed to hear your message, the sales team will have no trouble drawing in new clients. Although the initial investment can be sizable, especially if you choose to purchase your own trade show stand, the return on investment makes it well worth it.