Well, Thinking About What It Is All Worth

Sure, the title I chose for this article is a seemingly strange title choice, but it will be seen as appropriate because of the subject matter I am going to talk about. Value is the beginning of all worth, especially self worth. So, I start with this question of accounting: What are you worth to yourself? Life is a cold, objective value process of accounting with genuinely wide scope and not limited views when it comes to how reality works, why it works and really, when it works. Not any winner or not any loser escapes these realities. If they seem to cheat them, they pay later somehow. The only real way out is hard work through it. More colloquially, say you are a politician, you can lie and cheat to get into office, but once you are in office, you are accountable no matter what you do, and if you do not fulfill anything before your term is up, your time is up. So, what is it all worth? Living life as an honest business without frills or games? Yes, if you genuinely want to survive and thrive.

Once I heard the saying that you have got to live office hours outside of office hours to get things genuinely done. Well, sure, there are times to enjoy and reflect, but when it is time to work, it is time to work. If you love the work, all the better, if you hate the work, all the worse.

Realistically, I can only give you this advice that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a Black Panther: “Earn, baby, earn instead of bun, baby, burn.” Because we realistically have nothing else to do in wide scoped accounting reality of life to do than earn. Whether it is creating value within ourselves. Whether it is making lots of money, whether it is anything of value that matters. Earning is the substance of it and it does not matter what.

To some, reality may be an electrifying revelation, to others reality may be a “cracker barrel stick in the mud” philosophy. But to me, this is just genuine accounting and to work with values, you have to work with where they come from. All values start with proper accounting and end with their proper manifest as Adam Smith once said. That still holds real, honest and true. Values are worth more when we do more for them and with them.