Assistant Manager’s Salary of a Tractor Supply Company

In many quarters, salary is a crucial issue that varies a lot. And tractor supply companies know that all too well. Besides receiving hefty salary packages, assistant managers in tractor supply companies are required to have relevant industry knowledge, agricultural background and strong communication skills in order to work in a retail environment of sturdy magnitude.

Besides the aforementioned requirements, these managers are also expected not only to operate store equipment such as forklifts or hand-truck; but they are equally needed in the processing of merchandise at the sale of point to ensure smooth operations in the company. This however happens in many retail and non-retail sales environment. This article looks at the salary of different occupational categories, which an assistant manager position may fall in a tractor supply company.

Assistant managers in the supervisory category:

This is considered an occupational category in the retail sale section. The manager’s salary in such a category can vary depending of course on prevailing statistics. On average, and this is according to salary survey data, an assistant manager earns a median annual income of $36,000. This figure is inclusive of relevant commissions. However, half earn lower than this. Read $28,000. And those at the top earn triple as much.

Assistant managers in the retail sales supervisory category including retail and non-retail:

While the average salaries of retail supervisors vary on the industry that they are working on, they are considered average earners. That is to say, a supervisor for building materials and supply dealer – which includes tractor supply – can earn on average a median annual wage of approximately $38,000. However, a non-retail supervisor’s average median income is $69,000. Double as much.

Assistant managers in the managerial occupational category:

Unlike the aforementioned categories, in this particular category the average salary of assistant managers is purely on hourly basis. And they are divided to first-line office managers and first-line supervisors of general merchandise stores. Their work is to retail tractor supply companies that deal solely on clothes, general merchandise stores and accessories. Their average salary per hour: $45.05.

In a nutshell, it is very important to note herein that the Bureau of Labor and Statistics is highly responsible for tracking salary information for workers living In America. While it tracks salary data for occupational categories into which assistant managers, sales supervisors, first-line supervisors and managers of office fall; it does not track salary data specifically to the job title of assistant managers. However, a managerial job – in a tractor supply company – will always fall into one of the occupational categories.