The Question Is Not Why, But Why Not

Not many of us are rich and powerful. We do not have armed guards at our doorstep protecting our homes from criminals. We do not have millions of dollars to throw at the best of the best when it comes to locks, windows or other security devices. Yet, one of the most affordable and effective things anyone can have are security cameras. Love them or hate them, their usefulness is almost unlimited. They come in all shapes and sizes and for a lot less then you believe they can keep your home or your business secure.

Security Cameras can either be wireless or wired. This is your first hurdle for when it comes to investing into a system. Now if you’re going for a more secretive approach, wireless offers some of the best advantages. Technology is better then it was, so many wireless systems work well both inside and out. They do tend to cost a little bit more, and there is always the hassle of changing batteries or making sure solar panels are clean. But their capabilities do outweigh the slight effort needed in maintaining them. They can broadcast live to different monitors or even the internet, they can record etc. Some cordless phones and even baby monitors can interfere with the signal of wireless security cameras; those are also factors to consider. Wired security cameras tend to be cheaper but bulkier. Wires need to be run, holes drilled and a fair amount of planning put into place before using them. But picture quality, locations, and even different types are fantastic. Think of it this way, wireless is quick and dirty, wired is planned and staged.

If you own a business one of the best reasons to have security cameras is to keep your employees safe. Having them around the outside of a building, have them in storage areas or long halls, where ever you have them installed (or you can do it yourself) the idea is to keep your staff from having to worry that someone might be outside when they go bring the trash out in the middle of the night or some other safety reason. Past keeping them safe, security cameras offer the ability to keep track of your employees as well. Find out if someone is stealing from your business, see if someone else is leaving early and having someone else punch out for them. The list of reasons are endless and in the end, all very valid for protecting you and your business from thieves or having employees become victims of crimes.

Your home is much the same way. Make sure children are playing in the yard like expected. Keep a eye on your car at night, and even know if someone is sneaking snacks in the middle of the night with a simple security camera setup. Your personal property is yours and you worked hard for it, do not let someone else just walk in and take it all always. Fight back, keep what is yours safe and keep your family safe as well.