Overcome Sales Objections Fast – Just Do This

On Saturday, I went to a bike shop with my family to purchase a new bike for my son who is now so very proud that he can ride his bike.

And loves going down hills and turning the pedals and getting his first taste of “having wheels.”

Anyway, when we got there the guy at the shop was talking to us about this brand called Giant.

Now my wife and I hadn’t heard of Giant as we are not really bike people.

So my wife was like: Who are Giant?

And that’s when the sales guy had the right answers right on the tip of his tongue to answer our objection.

But it wasn’t just answers, it was the undeniable proof which could not be argued with.

I forget the exact figures, but in a nutshell he told us…

– A high percentage of riders on the Tour De France used these bikes.

– They manufacture a high percentage of bikes across the world.

So tell me, why were we so convinced in a matter of seconds?

It’s really quite simple: He gave us COMPELLING PROOF.

Had he said…

Giant is great because each bike has 36 gears… and we sell a lot of them and I personally love them… etc, etc.

… it would have been like “so what” and felt like a hypey sales pitch.

But when you are presented with the facts… the proof… he presented us with… it’s difficult to argue with.

So my question to you is: how much research have you put into your project to get facts like this which simply sell your product or service in an instant… and overcome objections so easily?

If you haven’t, then when would now be a good time to do something about it?