Customer Service Training Camp 101

Little did you know, here comes a customer that wants you to jump through their hoops. They are cantankerous. You ask them to lower their voice and that whatever the problem is, you are sure you can both come to a resolution

Well, here is the firing line and you need to be ready, willing, and able to flip your internal armour switch on immediately! I came up with this mantra as a guide for you to balance your thinking when irrational or emotional thinking tries to take over.

CAN I HELP U: It is a simple, yet highly effective tool for obtaining the correct mindset for dealing with these issues. Continue practicing this until it becomes an instant reaction during stressful times.

C=calmness in your head will be noticed by your customer, and employees

A=ask to clarify. Be sure you fully understand the problem/issue your customer is having

N=name usage keeps it on a person-to-person level, which is good to be perceived as equal

I=initiate problem solving

H=honor your company policies. Don’t apologize for your company rules

E=eliminate the need for your customer to escalate

L=leave your emotions out of it

P=problem solve interactively with your customer. Now is the time to be sure both sides are being heard & understood

U=use this situation to establish a deeper relationship with your customer

Anytime you go beyond the call of duty, you are giving from your heart. That is what people will pick up on. It is also the reason they will be loyal customers, and keep coming back again and again.

My oldest sister taught me something when I started out in customer service. She said “it does not matter if you like the person you are dealing with, because everyone has at least one good quality, and every situation has at least one good lesson or idea you can take away from it”. That still holds true for me today furnace replacement.