Use These Maintenance Tips to Keep the Boom Barriers in a Robust Condition

What is a boom barrier?

A boom barrier which is also known as a gate barrier carries a pole that hangs to one end point at a vertical boom which is offset by some distance. The boom ascends and descends with the help of a geared motor that ensures gradual operation and moreover the pole is counter weighed to support the distribution of weight.

Even though many of the companies guaranteed about the zero maintenance of their products especially electro mechanical boom barriers one needs to take care of the following steps to recover the periodic service check costs and more lifetime.

How to extend its metallic life?

The companies guarantee you the corrosive resistance, but to make it last long one must frequently clean the boom as the dust invites microbial growth which is a serious cause for the rust to gain the momentum and thus leading you to replace the boom, so make sure that your boom will not be coated with layers of dust over and over.

How to carry the initial boom strength till the end?

Especially while the boom is off from power supply the boom will automatically lower itself to the ground position. If it doesn’t happens as expected you need to lower the boom by reducing the counter weights placed at the other end and don’t make any other futile attempts by placing the load over or hanging them across.

Never seat something or allow someone to sit over it, which would lead to horizontal deflection and bending due to the stress that develops on the longer side and shortens the boom barrier. Finally, the barrier operation will fail as there will be a gap even the boom is completely closed. The end solution will be replacing the boom with a new one.

How to continue the smooth operation till the end?

Don’t try to mislead the operations of the motor systems by stopping the boom by manual actions when it’s coming down as this tends to the development of microcontroller error and gear box deviation. Microcontroller errors will increase the boom barrier response time making it to operate for more time than its previous operations. Gear box deviation results in the rough flow operations rather than a smooth ascend and descend of the boom.

How to avoid the accidental damage?

In case of the security applications, never turn off a flash light above the boom barrier, since the boom may be covered in fog, dust or may not be visible at night from a considerable distance, and vehicles may crash at barriers.

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