Are You Accountable in Your Business?

When you run your own sole trader business, you are the boss, the decision maker and the employee all wrapped into one. In effect, you are a neat package who designs, markets, sells and grows your business.

As you manage your business with its hectic pace together with a personal aim to achieve success, who holds you accountable for the decisions you make or the changes that take place? Who questions you when you move away from your original goal post or when you embark on a new direction? Do you?

We’ve all come to a point in our business when we have to face the reality of a certain situation. This may be something such as poor cash flow, lack of new customers, or too much work to complete. Have you given yourself an opportunity to step back from your business and really look at what is happening? Have you made a responsible decision as a result or do you carry on blindly and ignore the problem? It will keep occurring if you continue on the same path…

Who holds you accountable for what you do and how you do it? Among your business contacts and support circle who can you turn to? Do you have access to a business coach? Do you regularly discuss your business ups and downs with fellow business owners? Without bursting your egocentric business bubble, the longer you ignore the reality of a situation the worse it will become.

Think back to your pre one man band business days when you were employed in a corporate environment or as an employee of a SME. Generally, you would have had access to someone with whom you could discuss issues, ideas or problems. This person enabled you to sound off your opinion, make suggestions and help you arrive at a resolution.

Now in your capacity as a sole trader, access to this kind of communication and support needs to be sourced outside your business. Ask for the support and advice from a business coach or trusted colleague who will provide you with an opportunity to discover more clarity and focus about whatever situation arises. Talking to someone who listens and guides you through the roller coaster ride of business life gives you a chance to gain a clearer and unbiased view on ways to resolve or improve.

Accountability is vital for the successful growth of any business. Without it goals will not be reached, progress will be stifled by process, and complacency will star in the leading role. Don’t neglect the “you” in your business, as without you there will be no business. Adopt an attitude to hold yourself accountable with help, support and guidance.