How To Save Money When Exhibiting With Your Company’s Trade Show Exhibit

Business expenses continue to rise with each passing year. However, many companies are quickly realizing that their marketing budgets just can’t keep up with expenses. If you’re thinking about attending a marketing event with a trade show exhibit, your budget is probably weighing heavily on your mind. Before you discount an event because of cost, learn about different ways you can slash your budget without feeling the pinch. Reducing your costs can easily increase the return on investment of attending a trade show, which is something anyone can appreciate! Use these simple to follow tips to reduce your expenses at the event.

Cost Cutting Measure #1: Consider A Lightweight Display

Some displays can weigh hundreds of pounds, especially when you consider all the elements like monitors, lighting and the trade show exhibit itself. If you’re shipping your boxes to an out of town event, this means that you may spend hundreds of dollars in shipping charges alone. Instead, look for lighter-weight elements like pop up displays and banner stands. These exhibits are lightweight and portable, which means you might just save some cash in shipping fees.

Cost Cutting Measure #2: Consider A Rented Trade Show Exhibit

A trade show exhibit is expensive, especially when you’re just starting out. If you don’t have the money in your budget to buy a brand new exhibit with all the latest bells and whistles, consider renting one instead. These displays can have all the same elements that purchased ones will have, including monitor stands, lighting systems, podiums and custom created graphics, which means that no one will know you’re using a rented booth unless you tell them!

Additionally, a rented booth will go back to the display company when the event is over instead of going back to your office. This means that you won’t need to worry about purchasing a storage unit to store the display after your event.

Cost Cutting Measure #3: Research Budget-Friendly Shipping Methods

If you’re flying on an airplane to the trade show, it could be tempting to bring everything with you on the plane. However, baggage fees can be astronomical these days as airlines are trying to increase revenues. Airline baggage fees can vary from $25 all the way up to $200 per bag. When you include the fees for your employees’ luggage, you could be blowing your budget on transportation for your booth.

Cost Cutting Measure #4: Remember Deadlines

Deadlines are going to be important when you’re getting ready to attend an event. If you miss a sign-up deadline, you might have to pay a heavy fee to the organizers in order to even participate. The events may even assess late fees if your trade show exhibit doesn’t arrive in a specific time frame so make sure to ship it on time using a reputable shipping partner.

Following these tips can make it easy to save money when you’re attending an event with your trade show exhibit. Before the event, get your staff together and see if they have any other ideas on how you can cut costs without feeling the pinch.