How to Invest in Your Child’s College Education

Education is every child’s right. That means before you start a family, you have to make sure that you can give your child his or her basic needs. This includes education. This is particularly true for college education which can be quite expensive. It doesn’t matter what college savings plan you have in mind, it’s important to start it now. You can seek the services of

Try to maximize your savings

If you haven’t yet decided what college fund or plan to have, it’s better to open a savings account that can give you interest on your money. The interest rates for most savings accounts are quite modest, but it’s a good start. Automatic transfer is available in most banks which allow you to move the money from your checking to savings account.

You can use a 529 plan or education !RA

A 529 plan is a savings plan provided by universities, state agencies, and other institutions. It comes with special tax advantages. This, however, depends on the state you reside in and your particular situation. When you use the funds for qualified education purposes, it is not taxable by the federal government. You can choose from various types of 529 plans, but the most common are education savings plans. The educational savings accounts work the same as the plans. The difference is that it lets you choose where you want to invest. Another type is education IRA, which has the same mechanics. It allows parents and guardians to save money that can be used tax-free for educational purposes. Some also opt for prepaid tuition plans which are often set aside for state colleges that can be converted to private education funds. To choose the right plan, you may check specialists from sites like

Simplify your lifestyle

You can avoid spending more than you want by keeping simple preferences. If you are purchasing a car, choose a sturdy and practical SUV for the whole family instead of buying a sports car. You can save a lot more when you spend less. Try to maintain a simple lifestyle even if your net worth is increasing. This will help you save for your child’s education and at the same time for your retirement.

Let your child save for his college education

Your children can be responsible enough to look for their own college funds. Students can work and earn money which can be earmarked to their college account. They can also ask for monetary gifts during holidays and birthdays and save the money in the account. There are also financial grants that are available for college education such as Pell Grants. This is a federal program that provides funds for school. They may also take Advanced Placement Courses in high school which will help them earn college credits.

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