How Inflatable Booths Will Transform The Way Smaller Businesses Exhibit

For many small companies, exhibiting has always been intimidating. They might want to gain the exposure that comes with attending the big conventions but the costs of purchasing, maintaining and using a custom exhibit are just too daunting. Rather than invest in something they can’t afford or never use, they skip the custom look and cobble together what they can from the marketing materials on hand. All too often, this gets them passed over in the convention hall. Sound familiar?

Inflatable booths can change all that. They don’t require any special skills or knowledge to set up and install, they pack up easy and go anywhere. They are eye-catching and unique, made with high-quality fabrics and materials and they may be just the design that can level the playing field for smaller businesses.

Anyone Can Use Inflatable Booths

Even if a company decides to take the plunge and purchase a professionally-designed trade show exhibit, they still have to store it, transport it, put it together and take it apart every time it’s used. For smaller companies, they just don’t have the resources to do all of this. So they end up hiring expensive union workers at the exhibition hall and pray that their exhibit has arrived on time and with all of its components.

By choosing inflatable booths, things are a bit different. These displays pack down small enough to fit into manageable cases. Some are so small even one person can handle the case by him or herself. That same person can remove the exhibit from its case, spread it out, plug in the air pump and push a button to cause the exhibit to inflate on its own. There is no need for special installers to help with setup. There is no need to pay exorbitant shipping and drayage costs. The booth travels with your staff and is set up by your staff.

Grow Piece By Piece

Inflatable booths don’t need all the pieces that traditional booths require. They can stand alone as a wall, backdrop or kiosk or they can be added to existing booths to give the display an extra-special touch. Adding inflatable components piece by piece is a smart and simple way for businesses to save money, try out new products and evaluate how they perform without investing a fortune upfront. Some inflatables are as small as a tabletop display, which can be easily added to an existing booth. Others can hang from the ceiling, which doesn’t add to the current exhibit’s footprint and can draw the eye of foot traffic from across the room. Best of all, you aren’t limited to one design with today’s options. Removable fabric panels allow you to swap graphics and change messages to meet your current marketing goals or audience.

For small businesses that are serious about exhibiting, inflatable booths are the answer. High-quality construction and materials, cost-saving features like lightweight design, compact packages and an easy to operate air pump make these exhibits worthy of consideration no matter what your budget size.