How to Keep a Self Storage Facility Super Safe

Self storage business is not just about keeping competitive rates and multiplying the number of users. It’s more than just attracting the customers for the sake of profit. In order to successfully run a business, the basics cannot be ignored in any way. Proper safety and security are the two most critical components to any facility.

The storage space must be free from any potential danger. The storage staff should always take appropriate steps from time to time to determine the current level of security. Following are some of the ways using which storage operators can protect their facility from crime and other hazards:

Security at the entrance: All the facilities should have tight security at the entrance with automatic gate system, camera surveillance, alarms, motor- sensor lighting etc. All the major facilities have applied these features in an efficient way. With the advancement of technology, the tenants expect these security features. Also, from business perspective, having high security features attracts more people to rent at your place. Thus, security at the entrance has to be perfect.

Outline safety features for tenants: Protecting tenants and the staff is important, thus, the facility should outline and imply the safety procedures in a proper way. For instance, marking wet floors with precautionary signs, using safety devices while performing various tasks etc must be made mandatory. Proper guidelines must be issued from time to time to ensure the safety for all.

Proper maintenance: Maintaining the facility properly from time to time allows the owners and operators to keep an eye on potential hazards and work on them before any accident takes place. From poor lighting to wall cracks to leaks, all the issues must be taken into account before anything serious happens that can pose threat to life or valuables inside the storage space.

Monitoring tenants: Monitoring the tenants after they have moved in the facility is always beneficial. There are always some potential risks and hazards that can take place at any time. Also, knowing your tenants allows a manager/operator to keep an eye on the type of items that are moving inside the unit. Any suspicious items such as drugs, chemicals, weapons etc can be noticed immediately and reported on time to the officials. Monitoring the tenants during extra time is more important because most of the illegal happenings take place during off hours.

In order to ensure the safety at both the ends (user and operator), the factors mentioned above should be taken into account in a serious way. One should always remember to prioritize security features than anything else in order to successfully run the storage business.