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History of Universal Avionics Aircraft Parts Company:

Hubert L. Naimer founded Universal Avionics in 1981. Hubert L. Naimer had the vision of helping pilots guide them through their phases of flight and avoid collision between aircraft. Since 1976, Naimer had the vision of building cockpit displays and panel displays. In 1982, Hubert Naimer introduced the first Flight Management System to the corporate aircraft market. Ever since the introduction, Universal Avionics has made an impact on the aircraft market. Today they are headquartered in Tucson, Arizona in a 65,000 sq. ft. state of the art manufacturing facility. They also have customer support facilities located in Wichita, Kansas USA and Basel, Switzerland. The current CEO and president is Joachim L. Naimer, the Chief Operating Officer is Paul DeHerra, and the chief financial officer is Michael Delgado. At their headquarters, Universal Avionics focuses on market opportunities, regulatory issues, customer service, and manufacturing techniques. The company has 20 employees that all tenure over 20 years. Universal Avionics takes pride in being the first to introducing the world’s very first “FMS”, the UNS-1 in 1982. Universal Avionics provides products for business aircraft, advanced avionics equipment for special missions, advanced solutions for government/military, for airlines, and equipment for helicopters maintenance hvac.

About Universal Avionics Aircraft Parts and Its Product Range:

Universal Avionics’ product line consists of the following: flight management systems, integrated flat panel instrument displays, cockpit voice and flight data recorders, radio control units, cockpit-to-ground communications data link systems, synthetic vision system, terrain awareness and warning system, and electronic flight bags. The WAAS/SBAS is certified in over 50 aircraft types and the Vision-1 is certified on over 20 aircraft types. Over the course of the company, Universal Avionics has been able to provide 20,000 UNS systems and over 9,500 aircraft in over 150 different aircraft types in over 115 countries around the world. The WAAS/SBAS- flight management systems are all fully equipped to take advantage of the WAAS and EGNOS satellite systems that meet the requirements for PRNAV. Some advantages of the WAAS/SBAS-FMS family are: they provide navigation accuracy within.01nm with 99.999% availability when in the WAAS coverage are, enhanced integrity and accuracy monitoring removes the RAIM prediction requirement, they allow you to plan GPS approaches to your flight plan destination as well as an alternate, and etc. The WAAS flight management system line includes the following products: UNS-1LW, UNS-1FW, UNS-1EW, LP/LPV monitor, multi-missions management system, airdrop module, and FlexPerf. The integrated display product line consists of the following: EFI-890R, EFI-890H, EFI-640, and MFC-640.

The situational awareness product line consists of the following: Vission-1 synthetic vision, TAWS, ASU, and UCDT III. These products are only intended for situational awareness and reference use only. Universal Avionics also carries the following accessories; solid-state data transfer unit that is used for data upload and download equipment for aircraft interfacing with other line replaceable units; air data converter unit that is used to convert analog air data inputs of altitude, SAT and TAS to an ARINC 429 digital format, radio tuning unit, and flight management system trainer.