Where to Get Ideas for a Logo Design

It is not uncommon for business professionals to run out of great ideas for their respective company’s logo design. Since your business logo should be about your company, it would be better to start looking at what your company currently has. Often, you will discover insights if you start from within.

There might be colors that associate with the origin and history of your company. For example, some companies owned by Spanish people usually have red on their logo design. It symbolizes their nationality and patriotism. You could also use colors that represent your advocacy. For instance, companies that emphasize environmental advocacy often use green dominantly.

You could also develop your logo out of the basic shapes. But, of course, it still has to be significant to your company. Arrows could symbolize direction which the company probably gives its clients. Religious organizations use the cross shape that symbolizes their faith. Triangles could be used by mountaineering companies to symbolize mountains or by housing organizations to represent houses that they provide their clients.

Other elements which you can play with to get ideas for your logo are icons. You could have a bread for bakeshops, books for a bookshop, dress for a tailoring parlor, or mirror for a salon. You could also use a logo that may not obviously tell what you are as a company but still has relevance.

There are also places where you can hunt for ideas for your logo. In the library, for example, there are books that feature logos that made history. The same information can also be accessed easily on the Internet. Together with the logo gallery perhaps is an explanation as to how this or that logo became an icon in the graphics design industry. Study the elements that made it effective. But never ever imitate any of them. A logo should be original. If you do copy it, you are telling people that your company is as good as a second rate copycat. You would not want to do that.

Logos should equate with your company. So, as a final suggestion, you can try to find ideas and inspiration for your company emblem from the very people working for your company. Your employees, from top to bottom, are the ones who know the company more. They would know how the company can best be represented and rolled into one unique, powerful, and effective logo design.