Commercial Cleaning Sales Closing Techniques

It is important as you reach the closing stage in the sales process you take an active role. Unfortunately, what tends to happen is the cleaning sales professional calls the customer to obtain a status on whether a decision has been made, day after day, week after week, and eventually becomes a nuisance.

There are closing sales techniques you as a cleaning services sales professional can implement in order to make the closing stage smoother for both the customer and yourself.

1) Find Objections – Try to answer objections before they present themselves. Objections are not a bad thing as objections demonstrate an interest from the customer. Acknowledge the objection, confirm the objection, and clarify the objection.

2) Close with an Invite – If the customer does not have any questions on your cleaning proposal ask the customer to try your service. An example of this technique would be: “Mr. Customer if you do not have any additional questions why don’t you give our cleaning service a try?”

3) Close with Options – Give the customer two choices and let them pick what works best for them. An example is: “Mr. Customer would you like to commence service on December 1 or January 1st, what works best for you?”

4) Close with Direction – In this technique you are describing the plan of action. For example: “Well Mr. Customer since you have a short time frame for service the next step is to execute the agreement today in order to have our cleaning team commence service on the first of the month.”

5) Criteria Close – It is imperative you understand from the beginning of the sales cycle what is the criteria the customer is using to make a decision. This will help you position your cleaning solution and at the same time prepare you for the criteria close that goes as follows: ” Mr. Customer when we first met you shared three criteria for making a decision and I would like to recap how we meet each criteria. Now that I have shared how we meet the criteria are you ready to move forward?”

6) Close with a Lead In Question – This closing technique would sound as follows: “Mr. Customer if we could do “xyz”, would you be prepared to go ahead and move forward?”

There are many more closing techniques you can use in your cleaning sales operations, but these are the easiest and smoothest to implement. Keep in mind you should utilize the sales closing technique that fits your personality, customer’s personality and customer situation. This is not a one size fits all. The great news is you are in the driver’s seat and through your sales experiences you will find a technique and approach that works best for your commercial cleaning company.