Ways to Welcome Hygee into Your Home

Most of us live busy lives. It can be hard to remember to breathe and take some time for yourself, especially when we have so many deadlines to meet.

This concept, which is pronounced “hooga”, describes a sense of comfort and well-being that comes from embracing the simple things in your life. Hygge was first created in Denmark in the 18th century and has since become an international phenomenon. Although Hygge is often associated with winter, it can be enjoyed all year.

Hygge promotes a feeling of safety and comfort and has been shown to have many emotional and physical advantages. These include improved sleep patterns, increased optimism, and stress reduction.

Are you ready to shift your attention from stress to simplicity? Continue reading to learn how you can easily practice this wellness trend at your home.

Create a comfortable atmosphere

Hygge decor emphasizes coziness. Get some fluffy pillows and blankets to help you unwind. A cozy nook can be used to relax and enjoy a book or a cup of tea.

This uplifting atmosphere can be complemented by scented candles. Research shows that pleasant smells can lift moods to 40%.

You can also incorporate seasonal scents like Apple Cider and Spiced Pumpkin in your home. You can also add scents such as lavender or jasmine to your home. These aromas are known for their ability to improve relaxation and stress reduction.

Get warm by the fire

A flickering fire is a great way to create a feeling of warmth and comfort inside your home.

You don’t have a fireplace? No problem! Wooden candle-wick emits a soothing crackling sound that is reminiscent of a campfire or fireplace. You can create the look of a fireplace by clustering candles of different shapes and sizes into individual glass votives. Buy candle wax for making candle from Aussie candle supplies

Let there be Light

A warm, soft white light is essential to creating a feeling of hygge within the living area. This creates a welcoming and comfortable environment, as opposed to bright white bulbs and fluorescent lighting.

Instead of using overhead lights that are too bright, consider using floor and table lamps. Another way to create a welcoming atmosphere is with candles. Make sure to keep pets and children away from candles.

These simple tips will make your home more hygge-friendly, inviting, and welcoming. Our foolproof guide has more information on candle care and best practices.

Outdoor candles can brighten up your summer celebrations

It is fun to light candles at any time of year. You can take your candles outside during the warmer months for both aesthetic and practical benefits. Here are some ideas:

Keep bugs away.

Citronella candles may be able to reduce the impact of mosquitoes on your relaxing evening or sunny day. Citronella oil is natural oil that repels insects.

Citronella concentrations in candles can be small so don’t expect to get rid of all the bugs. These candles can be used in conjunction with your primary repellant to provide a pleasant scent and stronger protection.

Give your summer celebration an extra sparkle with

The use of candlelight can enhance the ambiance and decor at outdoor events such as summer weddings. Candlelight can create a romantic and peaceful atmosphere by lighting candles on the table’s cape, pathway, or altar. For an extra touch, you can incorporate unique candleholders into your reception decor.

The classic centerpiece option is colored taper candles. There are many styles available to match your theme. They can also be used to add height and interest for floral arrangements and other table decorations. Mix and match the shapes and sizes of your candles. You can also include a variety of votive, taper, and pillar candles. Votive candles work well for special occasions because they have longer burn times. You can also use scented candles to complement your event’s theme.

Safety tips

Safety should be your number one concern, no matter how beautiful your outdoor candle arrangement may be. You should never leave a burning candle unattended or place it near any object that could catch fire. Always ensure that candles are not accessible to pets or children at gatherings.

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