The Top Companies in Trucking

When you are looking for a good truck service you can rely on, the best way would be to go for one of the top five trucking services. These are highly professional companies and they have reliable and trained staff to move your goods with utmost care and safety. Relying on a reputed company to move your goods safely takes care of your doubts about gives you enough confidence to let the company take care of your goods. United parcel service is one such company that has emerged as the best in business.

Not many people are even aware of the fact that they are in this business, let alone the fact that they are amongst top 5. UPS has been delivering about 15 million packages each day, and has their headquarters in Georgia. They are a reliable name in the market and when you book your goods with them you can rest assured about their safety and care. Another name in the moving goods business is FedEx Ground; they are a big company having thousands of employees’ worldwide. And just like any other transportation company they are always on the look out of good reliable drivers.

The next one would be YRC, they are also almost as huge as the other two mentioned earlier. This company was formed as a result of merging two very successful ones. The name also came into being as Y of Yellow transportation and R of Roadways. They have over 25 thousand trailers and 10 thousand tractors. The next one would be Schneider trucking; they have about 40 thousand trailers and more than 10 thousand tractors. They are located at Green Bay, Wisconsin. Their careers drive about 5 million miles each day in all.

The next on this list is Swift transportation. They are having about 16 thousand trucks and about 20 thousand trailers. The head office is based in Arizona and their annual revenue is about 3 billion. Transportation and delivery are the backbones of these companies and a good trucking company has polices that are extremely customer friendly. But at the same time we must make sure we research well before giving the responsibility of moving our goods. When you are entering an agreement with the truck owner, make sure you read the terms and conditions properly and sign on the dotted lines when you are clear about them. If you have any questions regarding the terms feel free to ask them for clarification.